Jio Phone Launch to Kickstart Action in Entry-Level Smartphones Segment: Research

Jio Phone Launch to Kickstart Action in Entry-Level Smartphones Segment: Research


With the prepaid JioPhone on August 24, the entry-level smartphone market would see much more action for some quarters from now, a new report said on Thursday.

According to CyberMedia Research (CMR), 61.8 million mobile phones were shipped in the second quarter of 2017, with 54% of mobile phones, with sequential growth of 9%.

“As the JioPhone rollout develops functional mobile prospects as well as entry smartphone brands aligned with these markets has allowed increased shipments following an anticipated market contraction due to the availability of JioPhone in the third quarter and beyond There, “the CMR report said.

RMC announced that with several Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, Lenovo, Vivo, Oppo and Itel registered a growth of 7 to 33% for smartphones, the focus now is on competition between these brands to top the market.

“While smartphones complete their first decade in India, Samsung will continue to take advantage of market leadership, six in a row,” said Thomas George, Senior Vice President and Director of RMC.

Xiaomi was one of the artists of the ACE in the quarter, not only taking the number 2 in the smartphone market in India, but also contributing to the recovery of Rs. 4000-R. 6,000 price segments that grew 55% sequentially.

“The entry-level smartphone market will experience some growth mainly due to attempts by several mobile phone manufacturers to counteract the emergence of 4G functional phones.

This should also see the support of incumbent operators who see eroded revenues in the hands of Jio’s entry into the market, “added Faisal Kawoosa, senior analyst, Telecom and ESDM, CMR.

The price segment of Rs. 8,000-Rs. 10,000 should also see an upward trend as many 3G owners would want to go for a 4G upgrade.

“Currently, out of an estimated 350 million smartphone users, 150 to 160 million have a 4G smartphone that opens up a great opportunity for 10G category smartphones with a price category of 10,000. The latest adopters and technology legacy “Added Kawoosa. .

According to CMR, the market will be fairly flat for the year. However, there must be a replacement of certain volumes of functional phones, as well as smart phones for functional 4G phones.

This could have an impact on functional phone sales volume of 25-30% and for smartphones, the delay could be 5 to 6% for the calendar year, according to the report.

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